Monday, 18 April 2016

Have Dull, Dry Hair? Solution to Dry and Rough Hair Problems: Keune Care Line Shampoo for Dull Dry Hair


 Keune Pakistan sent us a few product samples to try out and review for guys. Amongst those things was a shampoo by Keune from their Care line for dry and dull hair. It was so thoughtful of them to ask us our hair n skin type in the email before sending us the products so they would suit us.
Before giving any opinion on a product such as a shampoo one has to to use it for good couple of days before deciding wheather it works for your hair type or not.So keeping that mind and to find out if this shampoo was going to be something I would be purchasing in future I tried it for a 4 weeks and washed my hair twice a week to see if it was going to give my hair that moisturised and tv commercial like look.Here is my experience with this product.


The shampoo comes in a gold colored,circular plastic bottle yes circular like a CD and not cylinderical with a flat base of pearly white color with the same colored cap, which I should add pretty much amused me.It was exciting to see a different and unique packaging.Different yet innovative and ofcourse practical.The bottle has the name of shampoo on front along with care line logo and net content of shampoo in white print .The back has other information about the shampoo such as ingredients,barcode and other details printed on it.

Net Product:
The bottle contains 250 ml of product in the bottle.

Consistency,Color and odor :

The shampoo has a little runny consistancy compared to other shampoos in market such as Head n Shoulders and Pantene, But not too runny like water or other liquids.It has a light champange transparent color which was again new and exciting for me and oh my the smell, loved every bit of that salon-y odor,so intoxicating!
 Directions to Use :
Like any other shampoo we use,pour enough product on your hand and work your way from your damp scalp to your hair lathering and massaging your scalp and then rinsing if off with luke warm water.It's better not to lather your hair and tangle them (unlike the ads we see on tv) and just let the water do its work when you wash out your scalp.Make sure to properly rinse out all the product from your hair since you don't want greasy scalp and white residue left in your hair after they dry out.

*Unique and beautiful Packaging
*Sturdy Container
*Nice Smell
*Easy to use
*Leaves hair moisturised and shiny
*Easily available

* A bit runny consistency
*Might be little pricey for some people

Price and Availability:
Shampoo is available for Rs.565 and is easily available online and main beauty and cosmetic stores.Not to forget if you are in Rawalpindi or Islamabad you can visit Keune signature salon "Elysian" to purchase this shampoo along with full range of products by Keune.

End Result :
After washing my hair for four weeks with the shampoo I do see a visible change in the texture of my hair.My hair feels moisturised,shiny and to some extent voluminous.

Rating :

Final Verdict :
A big thumbs up from us, Keune has made their name in hair product industry for a reason. If you have dry, dull and brittle hair then this product is definitely made to give your hair soul and body.You should be running to your nearest store at your earliest to buy this amazing product. For best results use it with Keune Conditioner and Hair serum.

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